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Bachelor of Humanities and Spanish language.

"Being a teacher of Spanish in Nueva Lengua is a very satisfying experience that allows you to share not only a learning space, but to build unique moments of life with each of your classmates and students, a place to build family, good friends and learn.
My favorite time is hiking; walk through the mountains of my city and see how beautiful it is. Ah! and eat a lot of macadamia ice cream. "



Graduated in Spanish, Master in Spanish as a foreign language.

"I like working in Nueva Lengua because more than a company it is a family, the work environment is spectacular. Working here has helped me find national and foreign friends. Not only is a language taught, strong bonds are created, you also learn from students and with so many students from different places, it's like I'm constantly traveling.
–I like reading, listening to music and as a good Latina I love salsa. But my biggest passion is traveling, I love it. "



Graduate in modern languages and social sciences, postgraduate degree in computer science, telematics, educational administration, family education and master's degree in educational research.

"I came to this world to be happy, that's why I enjoy every moment that life gives me; which is why I love my job as a teacher of Spanish, literature and history. For me, a day that I don't read is a lost day, I lost count of how many books I have read.
Another of my passions is traveling. I have no money, but I am rich in life experiences, thanks to the trips I have made visiting my country and abroad. "

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Professional in linguistics and literature, comprehensive program in business management.

"Meeting people from other countries and learning about their life experiences and making friendships that are etched in the heart has been one of the most pleasant things I have lived and thanks to Nueva Lengua, that's why I like working there.
In my free time I love to sing, listen to music and spend time with my family. I am fond of motorcycles and planes. "

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Graduate in bilingual education with a diploma in pedagogy and didactics for teaching Spanish as a second language and university teaching.

"One of the things I enjoy the most about working in Nueva Lengua is because I love teaching Spanish and of course meeting wonderful people in order to share our culture.
I am a woman in love with life, I am very proud to live in Cartagena because I like to walk through its fantastic streets, along its walls, see and contemplate the beautiful sunsets. "

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Graduate in Spanish and Languages National Pedagogical University.

"I like working in Nueva Lengua, because it gives me great satisfaction when I transmit my knowledge to students from all over the world and see how they begin to speak or improve their Spanish while interacting in our culture. It is also very enriching to share their cultures and points of view.

In my spare time I like to ride a bicycle and visit the parks near my residence. "



Bachelor of Modern Languages.
"I love the atmosphere of Nueva Lengua, the positive attitude of my coworkers, of the students and in general the mix of so many cultures. Having students who arrive without knowing anything about the Spanish language and when they leave, see how they are already achieved Communicating clearly fills me with great satisfaction.
I love to travel and get to know different cultures; I really enjoy dancing and singing, I don't sing well but I'm happy when I do it. "

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Bachelor of Bilingual Education with a diploma in university teaching / Technologist in hotel management and tourism.

"Teaching is my passion, I did not study to be a teacher, I did it to create opportunities; giving my students the opportunity to learn Spanish has been a great experience and I am satisfied that they like it and motivates them to not only know a language , but to fall in love with my beautiful country and its cultural history.
In my free time, I like to share with my family and friends, I love to dance, listen to music and learn new things. "

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Master in Teacher Training of Spanish as a Foreign Language. Systems engineer.
"I like to teach because it gives me freedom to create, learn, grow and have fun. With the students I have seen their countries, their cultures and customs, this has allowed me to broaden the vision of life, experience and learning.
Nueva Lengua makes it easy for me to develop my passion, I have found an excellent team, support and company.
I love to dance salsa, listen to music and sing, I like knitting, traveling and learning about other cultures, foods and customs. "



Industrial Engineer, Msc Tourism Planning and Management.
"I like Nueva Lengua for being an innovative, transparent, supportive company, committed to the development of its clients, employees, suppliers and the country.
I like ecological walks, historical novels and people. "

Nueva Lengua one of the best Spanish schools in the world.

Since 2003, more than 10,000 students from around 65 countries in the world have decided to study Spanish with Nueva Lengua.

Some of the things that have allowed us to be one of the best Spanish schools in the world are:

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  • Committed to knowing and serving each student.

  • We seek to deliver more than what we offer. We want, apart from teaching Spanish, to introduce a culture, that you have fun and learn with happy people, that you make new friends while you study.

  • We like the personal but we also have the latest technology to support the learning process of our students.

  • We have a human team with experience, attitude and professionalism.

  • Our prices are competitive. The greater the number of classes, the lower the price.

  • Global in quality and service but committed to the local, our teachers teach from Bogotá, Cartagena, Medellín and Guaduas.

  • A fabulous program of virtual cultural activities, cooking classes, dancing, current discussions, history, virtual tours and much more.

  • We are a company with a great social commitment. We sponsor some foundations and carry out many volunteer activities.

  • Over so many years we have designed our own materials for the classes.

  • Work ethic

  • Faith in God and sense of transcendence.

Photos of Nueva Lengua Spanish schools and students

If you are planing to travel to Colombia and study Spanish in Bogotá, Cartagena, Medellín or Guaduas please check: 

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